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"There are many skills gained by a rider during the course of learning horsemanship. While learning to control a twelve hundred pound animal and bring him to the level of a competitive partner, many life skills are also obtained. Horseback riding is wonderful exercise and a forum for a student to learn empathy, set and achieve goals, develop a good work ethic, poise, and above all else learn confidence"

At LA Quarter Horse Farm we have instructors/trainers that can meet the needs of every rider. Your instructor will create an individual program based on your objectives. LA Quarter Horse Farm school horses are available if you do not own your own horse. When you progress to the point of wanting to ride more often and on your own, horses are available for full or half lease. This is often a good first step before making the commitment involved in owning a horse. Then, when you decide that it is time to own your own horse, we can assist in the process.

To help our students gain all that they can from our comprehensive lessons program, we offer a bi-weekly saddle club meeting, a 4-H club and a Western and English show team.

Types of Instruction Offered:

Hunt Seat, Jumper and Equitation
Hunt Seat, Jumper and Equitation instruction and training is offered for the beginner to the advanced rider.

Western Pleasure, Horsemanship & Reining
Western Riding Pleasure, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Reining, Halter and Trail Instruction and training.




Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp at LAQH means fun and plenty of ride time. With sessions covering safety, proper equitation, horsemanship and Showmanship our program offers the most comprehensive equine summer camp in the area.

Summer Camp Application

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LAQH farm offers colt starting and training in the disciplines of Hunter, Jumper, Western Pleasure, Trail, Western and English Dressage, and Reining. At LAQH, your horse is given individual attention and  the  training program is designed to best fit his/her  needs. Over  the years, Katelyn and Cindy's experiences have taught  them that there is no ONE method in horse  training. Each animal is different - they respond to handling and training in different  ways.

Our philosophy is to do as much  with the horse as  possible to prepare him or her for the environment to  which it  will be exposed. Our belief is that  the more you do with your horse, the more situations your horse is exposed to, the better your horse will be. All of this takes time, patience, and hard work - we try our best to adapt to each horse's individual needs. This is the primary  goal at LAQH.

Colt Starting & Continued Training Programs

A good start is important for any horse. We focus on teaching our horses basic ground manners and addressing issues such as respect, attention and general confidence in the handler to build a solid foundation for under saddle training. Our young horse training program includes teaching the horse to give to pressure, adjusting to the saddle and bridle, and vocal cues as well as basic "despooking". We encourage young horses to see the humans in their lives as leaders and to look to them for direction in times of trouble. We allow the horse to adjust calmly and confidently to having a rider on their back and encourage them to move through the training process with an emphasis on relaxation and acceptance. We believe that all horses must first move forward, eventually relaxing "toward" the bit before being expected to move "on the bit" or in a "frame". All horses will work long and low learning to relax and stretch their back and topline before moving into higher contact and collection. This keeps the horse healthy and sane and enables him to best use his body to perform correctly and efficiently and never "front to back". A relaxed and happy horse is one that will come along faster than a tense and distressed horse


Problem Horses

For these horses we will first identify the exact "problem". The most important thing to look at is physical causes for each horse's unique challenges. If a horse is in pain or has a medical condition any further "training" will be of no use until these issues are addressed. From here we must treat all physical symptoms and causes before starting work on the mental and performance symptoms. For most horses this means going back to basics as far back as possibly "restarting" the horse in order to fill gaps in previous training. We find that the environment here at LAQH farm is very conducive to a happier horse. One of the most most important feature to our training program is an open mind. We feel that it is important to take the horse into consideration on a day to day basis and be willing to change the "game plan" to suit the horse on that particular day.


Please call Cindy for rates and availability - references available 570-470-9953


Pony Parties

Our safe quiet ponies are available for on-site or off-site pony parties. Please call Cindy (570) 470-9953

for more information or to book your party.





Our Instructors - Cynthia Galley


Cindy Galley is a life long equestrian who teaches showmanship, western riding and western trail. She was a successful competitor as a youth, winning championships and top 10 awards at all of the major Quarter Horse shows on the east coast including The American Quarter Horse Congress. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has a long list of winners to her credit. Her expertise has helped to develop some of the most competitive western horses and riders in pennsylvania. Cindy also is the 4-H leader for our in-house equine 4-H club "The Silver Spurs" and has coached many children to state titles. The student in the above picture is Ms. Decker who has seen continued success with her horse throughout her riding career with Cindy Galley.